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​​​​Clairvoyant /Empath Gail
Love/Relationships Readings  

Hours  11AM-6PM


Testimonial-Heather- Atlanta, GA 1/28/16-There are a lot of people that fake it but she is the real deal.  She forewarned me, asked me for permission, to get straight to the point.  But, I didn’t expect her to be on target right off the bat! She was right on the money. I feel a lot better; she gave me validation.

How Gail performs her readings:

When my client begins to talk, I invite the energy of the person being discussed to chat with us. That person sits in a comfy chair in front of me. Then I go to the source at their core level; that soul level that really wants to talk, be heard and most importantly understood. While the of person of inquiry talks, I watch their behavior, their reactions, listen to their responses and provide that information back to my client.  My guides & Angels provide feedback too. Sometimes a loved one that transitioned comes through as well.  It can get quite interesting with everyone trying to communicate all at the same time.

                    "This could be one of the most interesting readings you have ever had."

Relationship Readings

No Free Readings or questions. Readings are phone & by appointment only. 


Relationships can be difficult; talking to Gail about them is easy! Gail is a unique Clairvoyant; deemed a "Head Walker" by her Native American clients. Gail is able to look into the consciousness of others; providing the other person's perspective & point of view! "Once you recognize someone else's journey, you can have an overall understanding of what's taking place in your journey together."

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Testimonial-Tany, Atlanta, GA 4/14/11-Gail is like a long lost friend that you reacquaint with. She is approachable, kind, empathetic, understanding, good listener, and eerily accurate! I found her to be very warm hearted, funny, open minded, honest, friendly, and tactful.